The Multiverse – What if you are not “Unique”?

“Reality is an illusion, but we hold onto it, cause we can’t see, and human is all we were ever taught to be.”

Conny Cernik 

If I remember correctly,

I was in my 4th grade…..

One of my teachers made me sit next to a “dominant” girl. Arguably, this girl would never let anyone else surpass her, when it comes to getting “high scores in exams” department.  She was the topper of my class and a role model for others or at least that’s what my teachers used to call her, I’m not sure about my classmates tho.

I absolutely hated the idea of getting forced to sit next to a “girl” against my will. Back then, I used to be shy as fuck around girls (I was nine years old at that time, what do you expect? Johnny Sins?)

We remained as “bench partners” for the next three years. She used to be annoying at first (and vice versa) but eventually, we got along. We became good friends after this, for a long period of time.

One day, I realized that I started to like her. In fact, I liked her a lot. 

But there was a problem, a big one!

By the time I realised this thjng, unfortunately for me, the time was up. I had to leave this school and shift to a new city along with my family.

My dad has served the Armed Forces for 30 years of his life. Throughout this time period, he had to get transferred from one location to another, after spending a time period of about three years (or 4) per location. I had no choice but to leave the school.

But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was to not see her again. Ever!

I was sad,

Till this date regret the fact that I didn’t tell her what she was to me before leaving. I should have asked for her moms or dad’s phone number so that we remain in touch.

But don’t we all have something like this in our own lives?

We all have something in our life, we wish we could have done better.

But the thing is,

You can’t change the past

I mean, Yeah, I know you already know this, but all I am saying is that if you always give your best from now on or at least  you possibly won’t regret anything in life (Don’t you agree?).

Apart from having a wish to make her my girlfriend which obviously didn’t happen, I wanted to do lots of  otherthings.

I wanted to be power ranger and save our world from evil.

Or I wished if I can just do this  “KA ME HA ME HAAA”,  the way Goku does in dbz anime. Or maybe I can get a real “Iron Man” suit and fly anywhere. Well, at least flying seems better than sitting next to a classroom lecture, where you don’t know what on earth is the teacher talking about.

Like me, Most of the people have or used to have big  dreams. Dreams such as, becoming an astronaut, an actor, president of united states, a theoretical physicist, PornStar (Johnny Sins Rocks!), you get the idea.

But most of us don’t get what we “really” wanted. Instead of this, most of us end up with getting either one of these two: “Private jobs” or “Government Jobs” (as they always say “beta government job le lo, isi me scope hai”).

But what if I tell you, this does not necessarily need to be the case???

More Specifically,

What if there is a version of you, in some other universe who is exactly what you thought you should have become? 

Let’s just say you wanted to be a famous Actor, let’s just say the next “Ranbir Kapoor”.

What if I tell you this actually is true? And you are indeed, a famous person. But you just are not in this universe.

Maybe there is another “version” of you in some other universe and you are a famous sensation?

This is known as the Multiverse Theory, It’s a world consisting of an infinite number of universes, each with a version of you, who is everything that you could have or wanted to become (actor, astronaut, pornstar etc). All these different versions of you have their own separate universe.

And since you could have just been anything you wanted, the number of possibilities are endless, and hence number of these universes are infinite.

And maybe, just maybe. There is a universe where I proposed her “and we live ever happily after”. Lol

Let’s get started…..



Back in ancient times, the world was full of what we now know as FlatEarthers (Rip America).  People also believed that Earth is the center of the  universe and everything else in space , revolves around it.

Of  course that’s isn’t the case and later on, we found out that our earth was not so special after all.

We now know our earth revolves around the sun, sun revolves around the milky way and blah blah blah ……

(I am assume you already know this, babling about this shit won’t make a difference, but okay!)

The thing you probably don’t know is this,

We have a serious problem with the way we think our universe works/is.

As I said our ancestors were “wrong”.

But What makes you or me think we are “right” either? We can also be far from the truth, just as they were.

The theory of multiverse or parallel universes is one of theories which might get us close to the real “truth”. This may look like a science fiction but believe me, it’s not.

Latest theories on modern physis do have the logical explanation that says multiple universes do exist.

According to modern physics and mathematics, there are four possible models of the multiverse. Anyone of these four possible models have a fair chance of being true.

Let’s see them all one by one.

Level I — The Quilted Multiverse



This model suggests that the space is not just big in size, but it’s infinite!

But there is a little problem on here.

The range of our telescopes is limited. If there is a Star in some far away galaxy, we may not see it, even if we use the most advanced telescopes we have. The problem is that the the light coming from this star hasn’t reached us yet.

The portion of universe we can see with the help of telescopes, is known as the observable universe. 

Anything thats outside of this universe, we can’t see it. And we also can not go to that place either because our observable universe is huge in itself ( a diameter of about 90 billion light years. It will take an eternity for us to cover this distance with the technology we have right now)

And therefore anything, that exists beyond our observable universe is a parallel universe of its own. 

So there can infinite number of “observable universes” and since you can’t escape any of these universes (if you were inside of them), its safe to say that these universes are sperate isolated realities of their own .

But that’s not all, there is more

As you know, we are made up of tiny particles we call “atoms” .  Each one of us have these atoms arranged in a unique way, which in turn, makes us all unique as well. So everyone else must have a different arrangement of atoms by which they are made up of.

If two people have the same set of atoms arranged in the same manner, you can call these two people twins. But even twins have lots of differences (personality, immune system, hairstyles choice, taste in music etc.)

Scientifically speaking, we are just a bunch of particles, arranged in a particular configuration and if there are two objects with same kind of atoms arranged in the same way, both of them are copy of each other.

And guess what?

Matter (a bunch of atoms) can only be arranged in a limited or finite number  of ways. 

This means after a certain number of arrangements, these arrangements of atoms must repeat themselves.

Statistically speaking, Matter can only be arranged in a range of 10 to 10¹¹⁸. Beyond this range, it must repeat itself.

What this means for us, is that there is a high probability that there is another “you”, located in some far away (unreachable) point in space or in a different observable universe.

This version of “you” has the same atom arrangement/configuration as you do.

And maybe, just maybe….

(This is just an assumption lol)

In this universe (not the one we are in), you decided to not read this blog.

Instead of this, you decided to play PUBG instead. And you also are trying your best to “get to the safe zone” ( WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! HELL YEAH!!!!). 


Level II — Inflationary Multiverse


(Quick tip- If you are someone who doesn’t like reading a lot. You can just skip this one an go to level 3 -The Quantum Multiverse)

The Level 1 multiverse is a little-complicated concept to grasp.

In level 1, the number of ways you can arrange configuration of atoms, is finite.

But that’s not the case with this one,

Level 2 model forces us to stretch our imagination to an infinite number of possibilities. 

This second model is based on the idea of, what’s known as “infinite bubble universes”, called the inflationary multiverse model. 

(Please pay a close attention)

Inflation is a process in which universe or space, expands at an extremely high rate, faster than the speed of light.

Technically, its impossible for us to reach this region or universe because this universe is moving away from us faster than the speed of light. 

We can’t travel, faster than the speed of light (thanks to einsyeojds theory of relativity)

And therefore, these regions are parallel universes too.

Our universe is just one part of these infinite number of bubble universes. 

Unfortunately, This model of the multiverse, is not scientific unlike the previous one.

But don’t worry, this model  may not be a fit for science (as of now), but this model fits perfectly for our so called theologist community. 

As you know, unlike Science, in theology we dont need any evidence to support a statement. It’s all about “belief” (at least that’s what they say), if you believe God exits then it does. If you believe Donal Trump is a dick then he is. There is no one stopping you from saying what you believe is true.

The theological community (people from chruch, temple etc) will claim whatever they believe. Therefore, this model is one of the best ones they have got, to prove the existence of God.

The existence of God is a subjective discussion and I leave this up to you. You are free to have any sort of opinion that you believe is true.

Personally, I do believe in god tho not gonna lie. There are countless events in my life where I believe he has helped me to overcome all the tough situations. That’s just me, but okay.

Lets continue..

Level III — The Quantum Multiverse


Now this is where “The Shit Gets Real”

Unlike the previous two models, I assure you that this one will not only surprise you,

This will take your imagination to a whole new fucking level!! 

The previous Two models (Quilted and Inflationary), take place in the same space and time (or you can say the same timeline). It’s just that, you can no reach out to these other universes because of the large distance. You will never have contact with level 1 and level 2 universes (we assume).

But that’s not the case with this one,

In the Quantum Multiverse, you are in contact with all of these universes, every second of your life. 

Every decision that you make in life, is causing a split between your “now” self and an infinite number of your future selves. All your “future” selves are unaware of each other.

What I mean by this is,

Suppose you have got an exam tomorrow and you have not prepared anything as of yet. You have two options, you can either study with whatever the time you have left and get at least passing marks. Or you can give up completely, as you don’t think that studying this late will make any difference.

Let’s say, you decided to not give up and as a result of which, you got passing marks.

But there is also a version of you that exists in a parallel universe, who gave up and he didn’t appear for this exam. Both of you exist simultaneously, in your own separate reality, you just don’t know about each other and never will (most probably).

As you can see, every decision you make will give birth to an infinite number of new universes, with all the possible outcomes of your actions.

So maybe, and just maybe,

There is a version of “me” in some parallel universe or timeline, who proposed to her and now this version of me is living happily, ever after.

Therefore, I would suggest you to never be afraid to try new things, you don’t know what outcome will make you happy for the rest of your lives.

So don’t give up on your dreams and keep trying, as there is already someone like you (in some other world) who has achieved all of your dreams.


(*Music Starts Playing in the background*-  “IMMA MOTHER FUCKING BEAST…….. FUCKIN MOTHER FUCKING BEAST……..”)

Level IV- Brane Multiverse


This one is the most controversial prediction of all. The level 1, 2 & 3 models, may vary from each other,

But all of these models at least follow the same set of Laws we have for physics.

Not this one tho,

This one suggests that any universe we can think of actually exists! 

All these imaginary universes don’t even need to follow the same set of physical laws, as we do. These universes are free to follow any list of mathematical laws, with their own logic. Now, That’s just crazy!

For instance,

This model is quite complicated and revolves around a famous theory called the string theory. I’ll cover on this string theory in my later blogs (I’ll update this blog and provide a link once I post a blog on string theory)

So that’s it.

Let me know in the what are your thoughts on parallel universes.

Thanks a ton, for reading this article.

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Until we meet again,

Now, keep wondering what your “other self” is doing right now, in some parallel universe.

(Note- Turns on that this guy (the other you) is actually able to spy you. He is seeing you while you read this. He is also laughing at you for some unknown reasons!)

Just kidding, Lol.

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