The Secrets of the Dark Web. A place you don’t want to mess with

They say we live in a world within worlds and we do have some serious evidence which shows that this saying might actually be true.

Take the Internet, for example.

The internet is a strange place but some part of it is stranger the others. And sometimes it’s more frightening and scary too.

Right now, you have got an access to about 4.5 Billion websites on the Internet. Together, these websites make what is known as “World Wide Web” or www.

But what if I tell you that the “www” is just 5% of the “Real Internet”?

This may sound like a lame joke to you at first glance right? Bear with me, it’s not. What I am telling you is 100% true.

You can’t get access to more than 90 percent of things available on the “real internet”.

The Internet that you have can easily see is known as The Surface Web (5% of the internet) and the one that you don’t is known as The Deep Web.

The Deep Web is 95% of the Internet that you can’t google. You need some special kind of browsers and operating systems in order to get access to these websites.

No one really knows for sure, how big this deep Web is but it’s estimated to be hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of times bigger than the surface Web.

This includes websites of secret private and government organizations that often require you to have a username and password to get an access to their content.

But that’s not it, not every deep web’s website out there is necessarily out of your reach, on purpose.

It’s just that it’s hard for current search engine technology like Google or DuckDuckGo to find out and make sense of it.



In an ocean of the Deep web, there exists another form of the web, also known as the Dark Web or a Shadow Web.

Sometimes the term “Dark Web” is mistakenly used to refer to the “Deep Web”, which is not true. The Dark Web just forms a small part of the Deep web.

If you are someone who likes Conspiracy Theories, you should have a lot of fun hanging around the dark web. It’s because it contains just about every single conspiracy theory you can think of and it has its own supporters with photos and videos. Now, whether these photos or videos are fake or not is up to you to believe.

If you are someone who likes to dive down the rabbit hole of conspiracy and mysterious theories, the Dark Web might be a good choice for you.

So maybe you should actually go out there check this one out? Just have some fun with these mysterious conspiracy theories and satisfy your curiosity? Not so fast. Here is what you need to know before diving in.

This Dark Web is a digital link to the global black marketplace used by criminals and is said to generate at least $500,000 per day.  A high-speed Internet tunnel to hell a place where if you go there it may be hard for you to get back.

Many years ago if you wanted to visit a website, there wasn’t a website where you could just go to an index search to find it. You needed to know the exact address of the website or you needed to know a webpage that somehow links to the website.

Over the course of years, a division was formed separating the known index websites and everything else that is not found through search engines.

Let’s face it, we google anything and almost everything. But Google will only show you a tiny portion of what actually exists out there. It’s controlled, it’s monitored, Google basically acts like a police.

But with all the tens of thousands of websites being created and destroyed the Deep Web is virtually endless.


Take a note when I said “search engines like google can’t trace these sites”, that doesn’t mean you can’t go to those websites anyway. As long as you know their web address you can still get access to those websites.

Problem is that there aren’t many websites in the Dark Web that support your normal browser (browsers like chrome, firefox, opera etc). Many of these unlisted web pages can be visited by simply typing the web address in the address bar of your normal web browser if you know the address.

But there are many sites that require you to have special software like Tor or Free net to get access.

And then there are some websites that need you to get an invitation with instructions on it. These instructions will lead you to reach them. But not all site are filtered to that degree.


What Tor does is that it allows its users to browse sites of the Deep Web while maintaining their anonymity and this allows people to do just about anything they want online without being tracked down.

But hold on, this isn’t as good as it sounds. You need to take some serious security precautions before you go cruising the Deep Web.

And be careful, you should not use windows while doing it. Just because you can not see the people who run these sites doesn’t mean they can not see you as well, because they can!

In fact, it’s their business to get to know who is viewing their site. That’s right, their business, their profit has to do with finding out about people who visited their sites.  So even if they can not trace you directly as you are using a tor browser, they got other countless ways to do it if they want to.

As they say “Curiosity killed the Cat”, well this is the one time you need to take that saying to heart.

This is your warning folks DO NOT toy with things that you do not understand it would be within your best interests to steer clear of this Deep Web.

I’m going to tell you why when using browser software like tor, to explore the Deep Web,  you’re going to hit sites that don’t end with “.com”, “.org” or “.net”

They end with that onion and the domain name to these sites usually start with random letters and numbers ending with “.onion”. For example, in the address bar, the domain name for one of these sites would read something like “1235.onion”.

When you want to purchase something on Deep Web, you don’t use a credit or debit card or money orders or wire transfers. Instead of all of these, you use bitcoins. Bitcoins are an untraceable form of internet currency. One bitcoin is usually equal to $239 and this is what is used to make virtually all Deep Web transactions.



I’m about to tell you what you’ll find on a dark web’s website.

Many of us are used to seeing strange weird and creepy photos and videos but the Deep Web holds photos and videos that are the most strange and creepiest as well as the most violent that I bet no one of us have ever seen in our lives.

There is a website that catalogs the photos of stillborn babies propped up to look alive as some creepy horror music plays in the background. 80% of the deep web is saturated with photos and videos dedicated to child abuse like this one.

I’m not talking about some photos and videos of children just being beaten, no. I’m talking about photos and videos of child porn rape and brutal murders, not just a normal murder that you see in most of the movies but the creepiest ones and seeing these videos might lead disastrous mental consequences.

There are tons of photos and videos of people being beaten to death, stabbed shot even beheaded along with people being cooked alive and women being literally barbecued. There is what is called crush porn where you can watch women dress up in anything you want to talk dirty to cute little animals and kittens and bunnies and watch them as they will stomp these poor creatures to death. That’s some nasty shit you don’t wanna mess with. How far can you go with stuff like this, where turns you on.

Aside from being able to purchase illegal firearms, fake IDs, drugs, passports, stolen PayPal accounts, stolen credit cards etc.

You can purchase some of the weirdest products like “do it yourself” by secta me kids and sex dials in the form of infants. You can even buy items that are made from human flesh! Damn!


I’m not making this shit up folks, this is 100% real. You can even purchase “how to instruction” manuals on just about any disturbing thing you can think by using the widest stretch of your imagination. This includes anything from terrorism and overthrowing your government to instructions on how to be a pedophile and abduct children as well as how to worship Satan summoned demons.

Yes, there are such manuals and not to mention the sites that fun perform and document human experiments.

Truth is stranger than Fiction

There are sites where you can hire some hackers, thieves and even Hitman (yes hitman!).


And when you thought this might be the end, no it’s not. What I am going to tell you next is even more surprising than this.

All the movies you have seen so far about gangsters, underworld, smuggling. These things, these aren’t just rumors but true. There was even a crowdfunding site that sets up bounties on the heads of your favorite political figures, that’s really scary indeed!

The Deep Web is home to chat rooms and forums that attract the evilest people on the planet people living underground entire fan people confessing to death rape, murders all types of shit that would make you want to throw on a bat suit on these freaks down.


There are also organizations cults some satanic that is formed on the Deep Web and use it as a tool for recruitment and congregation. There are even network cannibals who want to ruthlessly eat people or be eaten themselves.

What the fuck!



Probably the most horrifying thing that exists in the Dark Web are the Red Rooms. These are basically live streams of people being tortured, raped and murdered in front of an audience and the audience pays to have whatever they want to happen to these people, not just to adults but also to children and infants. They also have live streams of people having sex with corpses.

The crazy part is that many of these criminals are not some multi rich guys but poor gangsters that do these things for just a few hundred dollars.

Now you can thank your this ace hacker who helped you to just slip in and out of any network undetected but once you get that far in the dark web the people who owned and run these demonic sites know who you are and where you go

It is part of their job, it’s their business to know all who are the witnesses to their crimes you will be tagged and monitored and possibly set up to be robbed or abducted

This is not a joke, this is the kind of stuff you want to go looking for

I mean, these people even have the ability to take snapshots of you through your webcam without you won’t have a clue about it! Yes, you get that right, your photos would be taken anonymously and you won’t have a damn clue about it. If you happen to be in one of these dangerous chat rooms and let’s just say, you were drunk that day and said something that you won’t say in your wildest dreams, you will get in some serious trouble. Not only will be your snapshots taken but also they might even set up bounties to kill you. They don’t spare famous politicians, what chance do you think you have against them?

There are hackers who have stumbled onto these sites and have witnessed ritual murders and live stream games of Russian roulette, the horror stories they tell are crazy, to say the least.

A lot of that stuff in this mysterious world might leave you morally and emotionally unstable not to mention psychologically scared.

These criminals are all around us and they look and act just like any normal person you may know and they are arrested and imprisoned regularly and then there are those who are not.

My advice to you would be to stay off the deep web because none of this madness and mayhem will ever stop until people stop going there.

The more people they have floating around the deep web the larger the ocean for these madmen to hide.

Thanks a lot for reading this article.

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