Simulated Reality- Are you living inside a Computer Game? Chances are quite fair, According to Science

Virtual reality?

Imagine you were a fish, born inside an ocean. Your aquatic species happens to be the most advanced species that has ever existed in the ocean. You have the knowledge of all different kinds of fishes and living beings that live inside the ocean. For you, this ocean is what you call “The Universe”. There is perhaps nothing that exists beyond this reality, that you believe is true.

One fine day, you get trapped inside a net (fish trap) and a few seconds later, you find yourself surrounded by giant floating bodies (Boats/Ships) and some monsters (Human beings in this case). You have come to realize that there is another world beyond your own world, the one you used to call “The Universe”. You had no idea about this world before. You also realize that you are not able to breathe in this environment but you were lucky enough to escape through the net and get back inside the ocean.

You now have an entirely different perspective of what you thought a “reality” is. You no longer believe that the universe is just an ocean but for now, you believe that there is another world out there, which is different from what you have seen, different and scary too. Chances are that you are not willing to go in that world again though. But as a fish, you still have no idea about cosmos, space, stars, solar system, galaxies etc. And most probably you won’t know about them either. We as human beings are thankful enough to know about all those things related to the cosmos that animals inside oceans don’t know about.

But what makes us think that we know everything? What if this is true of us humans too, similar to those fishes?

There is a good chance that our version of the universe is far from the truth. And there is no guarantee that we would ever be able to sense the “reality” either.

Take snakes, for example, they don’t have the ability to hear, so even if snakes had brain power just like us humans. They won’t ever be able to know what it feels like to hear a “sound”, because they can’t sense sound waves.

What if there is something out there that is completely out of our reach? That’s quite an interesting question, don’t you think?

Maybe there are some superior beings out there, who know about us, each and every detail. But we don’t know about them, just like a fish who has lived his/her life deep inside an ocean, has no clue about human beings. But we know about that fish’s species and a lot more than that fish knows about himself/herself. And these superior beings may don’t care about us humans in the same way as well.

Quite scary isn’t it? But what if the actual “reality” is far scarier/surprising than this too?

What if we don’t actually exist? 

Chances are quite fair that the world we live in is just a mere Stimulation made up by some Superior beings/Advanced Civilization. This may seem to be unrealistic at first glance but according to the leading scientists, this might actually be true.


Elon Musk is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the entire human history and the greatest of the 21st century. When you hear such a thing from someone like Elon Musk, serious doubts regarding the nature of our reality begin to arise. Not just him, but legends like Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have a similar opinion.

There is a very likely possibility that the world that we live in today is just a merge stimulation that has been programmed by some advanced species. If you have watched the movie matrix, you already have a good idea of what I am talking about. We might be inside something similar to a computer programme and everything that we see today is, in fact, fake and does not actually exist. It’s just us who are made to think that these things around us exist.



The first ever programmable computer that we had was called the ZUZE Z1. It had the capability to perform two flowing operations per second and after just 79 years, modern computers do this 27 trillion times faster! This outstanding growth will continue to rise and the power of computers will grow several times more in near future.

Already virtual worlds like Grand Theft Auto 5, shock us with their outstanding detail. It’s not hard to imagine that these virtual worlds will become indistinguishable from the reality in the future. Perhaps it will be hard to tell the difference between a  games screenshot and a real photo taken from a DSLR.



With the development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we might one day create artificial beings that are able to think and act on their own. It is possible that we would not just make more awesome graphics like this one (GTA V) but we will also be able to create virtual universes where characters will be able to think and take their own decisions based on their past experiences. It will be a normal life for these conscious artificial beings just like us human beings.

The only difference will be the fact that these characters don’t have a clue that they live inside a stimulation (unless we make some changes in the program and somehow convince these characters that we are their gods!).
This is really frightening on many levels. What if we are such characters already? There is no scientific evidence so far that proves the fact that we are not in a virtual world and therefore chances of the virtual universe are quite fair.

In 2003, Philosopher Nick Boston introduced the hypothesis regarding the virtuality of our world. The essence of this hypothesis was that if there are many technological civilizations our universe, then it is possible that they can create simulations that are similar to those where you and your kids play sitting at your computers. Its just a millions of times larger and more realistic.

One of the most serious proofs that our reality is not real but simulated, is a phenomenon known as Quantum Entanglement.



So, what is this “Quantum Entanglement” exactly?

It is a physical phenomenon which occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated in such a way that the quantum state (read further to understand what “quantum state” really is) of each particle cannot be described independently from the state of the other particle(s). And that’s true even if the particles are separated by a large distance from each other. Therefore, a quantum state of one particle is enough to determine the quantum state of the whole system, even if the other particle is far away.


Quantum Entanglement of two Photons/Particles with opposite spin

A photon flying through space can be considered to be rotating i.e it has something called “spin”. In fact, photons don’t actually rotate but this is just a simplified model for explanation. The quantum state that I mentioned in the last paragraph is “spin” for this case.

Albert Einstein proposed an experiment, which was to test the Copenhagen Interpretation. Results of this experiment were quite astonishing. It goes like this, if an atom emits two photons in different directions then their state (spin) will be interconnected, thanks to the law of conservation of momentum.

If one of these photons rotates from the top down then the other will rotate from the bottom, always! They will always have spins in opposite directions, whenever you observe each of them from any point in the universe, this is called the Quantum Entanglement.

Take a note that these photons don’t know which way to spin before someone observes them. In this case, if the fact of the observation made one photon choose one of the options, it’s tangled partner will immediately have a spin in the opposite direction. That is, the fact that we observed the first photon will decide the direction for the second one even though we did not observe the second photon at all.

And surprisingly enough second photon is not just required to find a direction to rotate but it also needs to do this instantaneously, even if the photons are light years apart from each other. That means that if the entangled photons were somehow are set even to the different ends of our universe. This information about which way it’s spinning should somehow fly or jump across the universe to its partner at several quadrillion times faster than the speed of light.

According to the famous theory of relativity by Einstein, there is perhaps nothing that can move faster than the speed of light. The fastest thing that moves in our universe light (photons in the vacuum).

However, the second photon still somehow manages to get this information in almost zero time.

Quite incredible isn’t it? It violates the very basic fundamental law of physics as we know it today.

But the question is, How? 

How does an entangled photon send this information to its partner faster than the speed of light (it’s quadrillions of times faster than the speed of light!)

Einstein never believed in such an instantaneous connection and he assumed that when entangled photons emerge from the atom, they already have information about the past and know which direction to rotate if or when they are observed. That means that the observer doesn’t change things but only recognizes the spin of the particle.

Here is the interesting part, after 17 years of Einstein’s death. It turned out that this wasn’t actually the case and this great legend was perhaps mistaken. That’s right, Einstein was wrong.

To prove the presence or absence of information about the direction in which the particle rotates after the observation, Irish physicist John Bell set up a very complex experiment. The results were astounding, he proved that the entangled particle didn’t know which direction it should spin before the first one is observed. The photon randomly chooses the spin only after the measurement. And it was proved that these elementary entangled particles had the ability to transmit information quadrillion times faster than the speed of light.

This experiment gave us more questions than the answers.

You must be thinking what does this has to do with Virtual Reality? Here is the explanation



Perhaps Einstein was actually right when he said that speed of light is the speed limit in the physical world. As I said, “Physical world”, which means that this does not necessarily need to be true for a virtual world. If we substitute a virtual reality in place of a physical world the instant connection is easily explained.

When two photons get entangled, their programs are combined to joint see the two points. This combination of programs will respond for both photons irrespective of there location. It doesn’t matter where they are.

At the moment of measuring one particle, it’s program randomly chooses one of the spins and the program of the second particle immediately reacts. It becomes clear why the distance isn’t important. Its because the processor doesn’t need to go to the pixel to ask it to spin, even if so-called a screen is as large as the universe.


Physicists say that no one really understands quantum mechanics. But if our universe is assumed to be virtual then everything becomes clear. To describe the world of elementary particles and their interactions, scientists use quantum mechanics. And  Einstein’s general theory of relativity is used for the macro world. But if these two worlds coexist in nature, the simulation theory allows both of them to coexist in one universe. Not just that but this also perfectly explains the mysteries of the big bang, the curvature of the space, the tunnel effect, the dark energy and dark matter. All of these can be easily explained on the basis of this assumption.

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